Beer Brewed By Beer Lover’s with a unique interpretation VIEW BEERS VIEW MENU GRAB A DRINK AT BREWERY & PUB   1705 Mariposa St, San Francisco, CA  |     Phone: (415) 255-0211
  Mon-Fri: 11am-10pm, Sat: 11am-12pm, Sun: Closed

Prohibition Pub House, Since 2003

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Prohibition Brewery & Pub
1705 Mariposa St, San Francisco, CA


Brewery: (415) 255-0211
Distribution: (415) 255-0212


Monday-Friday: 11am-10pm
Saturday: 11am-12pm

What's on Tap?

  • All
  • Amber
  • Blonde
  • Brown
  • IPA
  • Lager
  • Pilsner
  • Porter/Stout
  • Sour
  • Wheat

Pablo’s Stash

7.5% ABV

Grapefruit IPL

5.5% ABV

Charlie-In-The-Box Stout with Swiss Chocolate, Almonds And Coffee

7.5% ABV

Coffee-Chocolate Porter

6.5% ABV

Chocolate Porter

6.5% ABV

Grapefruit Infused Doppler Effect

7% ABV

Nutty Buddy Stout With Chocolate And Peanut Butter

11% ABV

12 Parsecs

8% ABV

ill Technique – Hazy DIPA

8% ABV

Astrolabe Hazy Double IPA

8% ABV

Stardust Hazy IPA

6% ABV

Splashdown – Hazy DIPA

8% ABV

Grab a Bite to Eat


$5.99 Texas Caviar

Black-eyed peas and black beans.

$8.99 Spicey Onion Rings

Deep fried or baked.

$14.99 Fish & Chips

Beer battered or fired.


Buffalo Wings

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$14.99 Shrimp Scampi

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$8.99 Spicey Onion Rings

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$22.99 Fettuccine Alfredo

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$30.99 Prime Rib Steak

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$20.99 Double Cheese Burger

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We are an award winning brewery with over 15 beers on tap. Each season we have 5 new beers that are available for purchase.

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